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Digital cockpits in cars are here to stay and will become the standard this decade

It was only a matter of time.

tesla sentry mode and dog mode
Image: Tesla

The automotive industry has changed more in the last ten years than in the previous twenty, and from the look of things, there are exciting times ahead for the industry. From autonomous vehicles that need no human assistance to electric vehicles, innovations are coming quickly.

Now, according to ABI Research, which specializes in transformative technologies, states that digital cockpits are here and that we should expect them in more and more cars over the next 10 years. Even though digital cockpits are already in select vehicles, they believe that more than 461 million cars will feature digital dashboard displays before 2030.

Almost seven years ago, we were in awe of Tesla’s digital cockpit that looked like a massive tablet. Even then, it was evident that Tesla was far ahead of the curve. It didn’t take too long for other automakers to follow the trend and make their first digital cockpits. 

According to ABI Research,  next-generation digital cockpits will include:

  • 10 to 12-inch high-resolution displays
  • Video streaming and gaming will have a more significant role once 5G networks go mainstream
  • The rise of connected vehicles is imminent with digital cockpits
  • Virtual assistants run by powerful AI will play a significant role
  • The digital cockpits will be based on robust yet flexible hardware solutions
  • The vehicle’s computing architecture will rely on an interconnected set of processors designed to fail-support each other
  • Digital cockpits are going to be standard equipment even in lowered-tiered cars as early as 2025

The research report doesn’t give any suggestions as to what this new trend will do to the average car prices, however. It will be interesting to see if these new advancements drive up prices.

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