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Harley-Davidson’s electric pedal bikes go on sale in 2020 – here’s what they look like

Harley-Davidson making e-bikes is the strangest timeline.

harley-davidson ebike
Image: Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson might not be a name you’d think of when you think of a pedal bike, but that’s about to change. Three new adult-sized electric bicycles are slated to roll off the production lines in 2020, bringing one of the oldest motorcycle companies in the world firmly into the electric vehicle age.

Oh, and there’s a motorcycle, some balance-bikes for kids, and a scooter/moped concept as well.

Here’s what Harley-Davidson’s new e-bikes look like

harley-davidson new ebike range

Image: Harley-Davidson

It’s possibly fitting that one of the oldest motorcycle companies in the world is also at the forefront of e-bikes. The LiveWire electric motorcycle is selling like battery-powered hotcakes, and now there’s a fleet of battery-assisted pedal bikes waiting in the wings.

All three models have a similar core, with mid-drive motors, internal removable batteries that are flush to the frame, and that special Harley swagger. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a boring Harley, right?

Will the e-bike revolution win against the flock of e-scooters that other manufacturers are working on? Only time, and many miles, will tell.

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