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Discover what sets Houseparty apart

In the months to come, the Houseparty app will continue to expand its feature sets and offerings, with new ways to connect being made available regularly.

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Not all video chat apps are created equal.

In fact, many are best suited for functions like business meetings, classes, and other highly structured gatherings. They don’t allow people to come and go as they please, often require invitation links delivered to the right email address (and seen at the right time), and have only a small handful of additional features beyond efficient, clear communication and screen sharing.  

Using these tools to celebrate a birthday or have a casual catch up with friends or family members feels like the equivalent of going into an office building as a fun place to hang out for a few hours. Sure, it’s possible, but does sitting around a boardroom, or standing in front of a whiteboard, get you excited for something other than a sales presentation? 

If your hangouts don’t come with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation or screen share, it could be time for a change – and Houseparty could be the solution you’re looking for.  

Creating new experiences for video chatters all over the world

Houseparty is more than just a social platform – it’s a new kind of video chat. It gives users the opportunity to connect with their contacts in a freer format than a traditional conference call, with a wide array of fun features to turn a typical catchup session into something more exciting. Unlike in a conventional conference call, other Houseparty users that you and your friends know can casually pop in and out of video chats featuring up to eight devices at a time, making it easy to say hello to someone, then move on to the next room before conversation ever turns into a lull.

You never know who might show up “in the House,” making it a far less predictable – and often more entertaining – way to keep in touch. You may also discover that you have surprising mutual friends, or even make new friends along the way. If you’re looking to bring the free-flowing energy of having people over to your online life, host a happy hour that feels a little more like a trip to your favorite bar, or trying to celebrate a birthday when the people you love are spread all over the world, the House is a great way to do it. 

Built-in Games

Unlike other video chat and social platforms, Houseparty offers a wide array of games designed for fast-paced action and fun with friends, and more are being added to the platform regularly.

For example, if you’ve been missing out on playing trivia with friends at your favorite bar, Houseparty has you covered. Houseparty Trivia contains a number of decks on a variety of topics, including current events, classic TV shows like Friends, the widely beloved action game “Fortnite,” and the return of the UEFA Champions League. Each deck has hundreds of cards, keeping the content fresh and exciting for hours of gameplay.

Speaking of card games, Houseparty also makes it easy for you to play UNO, the classic so many of us learned as kids and still remember how to play as adults. With the cards built directly into the Houseparty app, you can get to Reversing, forcing your friends to Draw Two (or Draw Four), and calling out “UNO!” for everyone to hear when you’re down to your last card (or you realize that someone else has only one left before they do).  

In addition to UNO, Mattel has also supplied Housepartiers with their very own Magic 8 Balls, giving you the opportunity to ask the important questions. Will you get the answers you’re looking for? The outlook may be hazy, but you’re bound to have a good time finding out. 

There are also Word Racers, rolled out this June and bound to become a favorite among the wordsmiths and linguists you know. In Word Racers, players are given a block of letters, and tasked with spelling as many words as they possibly can with them.

In addition, the Houseparty app has its own game of free association, Chips & Guac, where players are tasked with playing the best card that compares one thing to another. It’s a hilarious exploration in how people think and a great way to turn a slow conversation into a night of surprising discoveries.

What the Future Holds

In the months to come, the Houseparty app will continue to expand its feature sets and offerings, with new ways to connect being made available regularly. As summer comes to an end, you, your friends, and your family may find that Houseparty is the perfect way to stay together – and always have something new to do – when you can’t be together in person. If you’re missing a little bit of spontaneity in your life, the House may very well be where it’s at.

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