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Does Apple Vision Pro work with glasses?

Technically yes, but it’s going to cost you.

Apple Vision Pro headset front in purple background

Quick Answer: Yes, Apple Vision Pro is compatible with prescription lenses through specially designed inserts. But they come at an added cost that can run quite expensive.  

Apple’s Vision Pro, a state-of-the-art AR/VR headset, was unveiled at WWDC 2023. This device brims with cutting-edge technology and is driven by Apple’s M2 chipset along with a new R1 processor.

The device is equipped with an array of 12 cameras, numerous sensors, and microphones. Its crowning feature is a custom micro-OLED display that boasts over 23 million pixels.

The Vision Pro costs a lot – $3,499, to be exact. Apple says that’s just the starting price. But we didn’t see any other models on their website, so we’re not sure how the price could go up

But we found something surprising that makes the Vision Pro even more expensive: glasses. If you need prescription lenses, then Vision Pro won’t work for you unless you buy extra lenses from Apple – and those are going to cost a lot.

So, what are these lenses? And how do they work?

I wear prescription glasses. Can I use Apple Vision Pro?

Short Answer: Yes, Apple Vision Pro is compatible with prescription lenses through specially designed inserts.

Apple has collaborated with lens maker ZEISS to ensure the Vision Pro is compatible with prescription inserts. This means users can seamlessly use their prescribed lenses with the device, making it accessible even for those who wear glasses

A camera lens with the ZEISS İK logo is prominently displayed.
Image: KnowTechie

Basically, you can’t use the headset while wearing your prescription lenses. But Apple will add lenses for you to the headset in exchange for a hefty fee.

These lenses, manufactured by ZEISS, attach via magnets on the inside of the headset and won’t interfere with its eye-tracking sensors or iris scanner. This allows users to utilize their prescribed lenses while using the device without compromising functionality.

As for pricing, Apple remains tight-lipped about the cost of these special lenses ahead of the Vision Pro’s 2024 release. While official figures are yet to be disclosed, estimates suggest they could add around $500 to your bill.

Vision Pro side view
Image: KnowTechie

When factored into the original price of the Vision Pro itself, we could potentially be looking at a staggering total of $4,000 for this VR experience. Quite an investment.

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