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Don’t expect under-screen Touch ID on an iPhone anytime soon

If you have been looking forward to Touch ID coming back, don’t hold your breath.

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Apple fortune-teller, Ming-Chi Kuo, is back again delving into the supply chain for Apple to see what he can shake loose. This time, MacRumors has seen a research note that says the return of Touch ID to the iPhone won’t be until 2023.

That’s because he says Apple’s development is experiencing slower progress than it would like, for the rumored under-screen Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Multiple phone manufacturers already offer under-screen fingerprint sensors, but Apple probably doesn’t feel that the tech is up to its high standards yet.

Kuo previously thought the under-screen Touch ID would be coming in the second half of 2022, which would match up with the iPhone 14’s release. It seems that it won’t debut until the iPhone 15 at the earliest, as a complementary tech for those situations that Face ID might not work.

The pandemic has shown that Face ID has a major issue, in that it can’t yet recognize a face that’s partly covered. Maybe a further refined version of Face ID could bring retina scanning or another way to authenticate the user based on just the top half of the face. Until then, adding Touch ID back into the iPhone would make things easier for the user.

As to which iPhone models will get the tech, Kuo didn’t say. It’s entirely possible that Apple will bring it to the iPhone Pro range first, as the premium range has debuted many of their recent technological leaps.

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