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The new Apple Watch Series 7 has an edge-to-edge screen and will set you back $399

It features 18-hours of battery life, a bigger screen, and more.

Apple watch series 7 both sizes
Image: KnowTechie

Apple just hosted its annual iPhone-extravaganza, where the iPhone 13 range was unveiled. That’s not all that was announced, however, with the Apple Watch Series 7 gracing our screens, and soon, our wrists.

The big shock? It’s not going to be anywhere near as squared-off as the earlier leaks suggested. Yes, we know, we were disappointed too. That said, the screen is huge compared to the one in last year’s Series 6, with a virtually edge-to-edge design.

That screen size enables 50-percent more text on screen vs the Series 6, and it has a full keyboard with swipe action. Apple also shrunk the bezels drastically, while only increasing the size of the Apple Watch by 1mm from 40mm to 41mm, and from 44mm to 45mm.

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Apple series 7 specifications
Image: Apple

That larger case might mean a bigger battery (Apple never tells us the mAh value), but it’s got the same 18-hour battery life as the Series 6, probably because the bigger screen uses more juice. It also charges faster (30% faster!) now, and has USB-C on the charger, because Apple can’t quite decide if it wants to go USB-C for everything or to keep the Lightning cable.

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It’s also the most durable Apple Watch, which isn’t hard to accomplish if we’re being honest. Now it’s crack resistant, IP6X dust resistant, and “still swimproof.” Oh, and it has automatic bike riding detection, including stops and falls, and even knows if you’re using an ebike or not.

Starting at $399, the Apple Watch Series 7 will be available later this fall. The rest of the Apple Watch range includes the $199 Series 3, and the $279 Apple Watch SE. We will update with links when available.

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