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This Apple Watch leak will excite people that like the square body of the new iPhones

It’s also going to excite bandage manufacturers, because yikes those edges.

apple watch on table
Image: Unsplash

If you’re a fan of the squarer edges that Apple has been using for its devices lately, you’re going to love these renders of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7. According to 91mobiles and their “industry sources”, the Apple Watch Series 7 is going to be much closer to the iPhone and iPad design language than ever before.

That means an end to the rounded-off edges that Apple has used on every generation of the Apple Watch to date. Instead, the screen will be flatter, with boxy edges like on the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro ranges.

The digital crown seems to be slightly less protruding than on the Apple Watch Series 6, but that could just be from the renders.

render of the apple watch series 7 by
Image: 91mobiles

The Apple Watch Series 7 will still have silicone watch bands, and Apple never misses an opportunity to sell watch band replacements so expect it to be removable. Everything else seems the same, with large speaker slits on the left side, a flat selection button and a microphone hole joining the digital crown on the right side, and the usual heart rate and other sensors on the bottom.

The sources that gave 91mobiles the information to create the CAD renders say that the Apple Watch Series 7 will be slightly thinner than the Apple Watch Series 6 was. For example, the 44mm version will be 44x38x9mm. The similar version Series 6 was 44x38x10.7mm. That slimming down might make it less likely you hit your precious sapphire glass on things as you move around.

apple watch series 7 render
Image: 91mobiles

Earlier leaks mention better health monitoring sensors, thinner bezels, and a new lamination method that should bring the panel closer to the front cover.

Oh, and it’s rumored to have ultra-wideband tech, so the Apple Watch Series 7 should be able to connect to the FindMy network. watchOS 8 is also supposed to enable your Apple Watch to unlock digital door locks, presumably powered by the ultra-wideband sensor.

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