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The Apple Watch has saved another life after a man fell in a bathroom

After Brandon Schneider fell in a hospital bathroom, his Apple Watch alerted his father.

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Image: Unsplash

The Apple Watch is an extremely convenient gadget that makes many smartphone tasks a breeze as you can just look at your wrist instead of pulling out your iPhone. One of the best things about the Apple Watch however is some of its health features.

Brandon Schneider is a 25-yeard-old with an active lifestyle who was at the emergency room with his father after experiencing excruciating abdominal pain. While waiting to been seen, he went to the bathroom. While in there, Schneider lost consciousness and fell, hitting his head, as reported by People.

Thankfully, he was wearing his Apple Watch and had his dad set up as an emergency contact. When he fell, his Apple Watch detected the fall (available on the Apple Watch 4 and higher), and after Schneider didn’t confirm he was ok with the watch, an alert was sent to his dad.

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“My Apple Watch detected a hard fall, and I did not respond to the like haptic message that requires a response and 45 seconds,” Schneider tells ABC 7.

Because of this, doctors were able to quickly get to Schneider. He was sent back for a CT scan that revealed both a fractured skull and life-threatening hematomas. From there, emergency brain surgery was performed.

Schneider is now on the mend and is expected to fully recover, but things could be very different if he wasn’t wearing his Apple Watch and had not set up his emergency contacts.

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