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Google Chrome: It’s murdering your laptop battery

User beware: a bug in Google Chrome will turn your laptop into a flaming, white-hot sun.

Google Chrome

If you’re using Google Chrome on a PC, you should probably consider switching browsers. It’s been reported that Chrome can slow down your computer and drastically affect its battery life.  However, this only applies to laptop users. Desktop users are in the clear.

It all boils down to a glitch in your PC’s system clock tick rate. This is all running behind the scenes of Windows; you need to peer inside to see it in action:


For a full explanation of a clock tick, check out this piece from Ian Morris, a contributor for Forbes

As a laptop user, here’s how this slowdown affects my system:

1) Extreme lag time

Lag, in real life.

2) My laptop turns into a burning, white-hot sun

Laptop on Fire

3) Consumes most of my memory

Windows Task Manager

4) The feeling of just wanting to give up!

Frustrated guy

Google is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

I’m a huge Chrome fan, and wasn’t aware of this issue. Now it makes a lot of sense why my laptop feels like a volcanic wasteland.

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