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Four secret Evernote features and how to use them

Become an Evernote power user with these four tips.

Evernote apps tips and tricks
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You’re already familiar with the fundamentals of Evernote, such as all the basic features that can help you organize your work. It’s a place to store files, photos, voice memos and more, and it’s easily accessible from any device, wherever you are — but that’s not all.

Even if you aren’t an Evernote novice, you may not know about some of the app’s more obscure functions. It’s true the software allows you to store files and the things mentioned above, but a closer inspection reveals some additional perks you might find useful. What are they?

In this article, we’ll detail four secret Evernote features and walk you through the proper way to use them.

1. Password-protect your sensitive info

If you have sensitive information you wouldn’t want someone else to stumble upon, Evernote has a feature that conceals the content of your notes using 2048 bit RSA SSL encryption. Any text, images or other file type is easy to hide through a few simple steps.

Highlight the information you’d like to encrypt and right-click to see the Encrypt Selected Text option. The function is pretty self-explanatory from there, and you can tell Evernote to remember the password, so it doesn’t prompt you again. That’s all you need to do.

This feature has many applications, and you might find yourself using it to secure your login info for various social media accounts. In compiling your usernames and passwords for Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In, you can depend on Evernote to keep them safe.

2. Schedule reminders for helpful alerts

Whether you use Evernote for work or study, you have due dates and deadlines. To meet them on time, you should take advantage of Evernote’s scheduling features, setting it up to send you an alert when you have an upcoming responsibility to attend to.

You can assign dates and times to every note to help you prioritize your goals, which is basic. But you can also reconfigure Evernote to email you a summary of the day’s reminders. Just go to the notebook with your note, click Settings, and move to your subscription settings.

This feature is ideal for setting up a to-do list. If you have a dozen different items on your agenda, you can organize them in a notebook and depend on your reminders. That way, you’ll always show up on time — and with everything you need — as long as you take a proactive approach.

3. Use Web Clippings to compile references

In organizing all the resources you plan to use for a research paper, it’s easy to lose track of relevant links. You likely bookmark your reference material to keep it ready for review, but there’s a far simpler method of managing your info. With Evernote, you can use web clippings.

If you’re using Evernote on your desktop, download the Evernote Web Clipper extension for your browser. When you click the icon, you can choose the format of your clipping, add a title and move it to a notebook. On a smartphone, click the Share button on an article to access the same menu.

The Princeton Review emphasizes note-taking organization, and with web clippings to compile your references, you can keep everything in its proper place. As you finish the 30th page of your thesis paper, you’ll know all your necessary resources are only a click away.

4. Reuse templates for improved structure

You might enjoy a particular layout, or need it for multiple projects. A professor or co-worker could ask you to follow specific guidelines in structuring information if you have to present before an audience. There’s a simple way to make a template out of an existing note, so you can cut your workload.

Create a note, or take one you’ve already created, and move to the File tab. From there, click on Export Note to create a .enex file for later use as a template. Whenever you need to use that template again, just re-open the .enex file, and you’re ready to go, having saved a lot of time.

If you have a class where the professor structures their lectures in a uniform manner, a consistent method of note taking will help with clarity. You’ll see an improvement in the organization of the information, which is one of the many benefits of Evernote and other tools with similar functions.

Make the Most of Your Notes

Through the four lesser-known features above, you’ll take full advantage of everything Evernote has to offer. Whether it’s something as simple as a scheduled reminder to keep you on track or a template file to reuse again and again, you’ll see an enormous difference in the app’s functionality.

Do you have any tips for Evernote? Let us know below!


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