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What to expect at Cisco Live 2017

Cisco Live 2017 is right around the corner. The event takes place in Las Vegas this year from June 25-29. Here’s what to expect.

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Whether you are in the IT field or anxiously working your way toward that eventual career path, Cisco Live is a must-attend event that gives plenty of opportunity to network, learn and see what top exhibitors have to offer. It takes place in Las Vegas this year from June 25-29, and the information below gives a glimpse of what you could do if you go.

Take a Peek in a Walk-In, Self-Paced Lab

Curious about some of the latest advancements from Cisco and which ones might be most appropriate for your workplace? Make plans to go to at least one of the walk-in labs and work through some of the self-paced exercises, assessments, and training materials. You’ll also be able to navigate through full configurations of the respective Cisco products and see how all the features work.

Find a Technology Track That Fits Your Interests

Many of the seminars and other educational events at Cisco Live are split into various types of technologies. By browsing different topics and themes, you can find the learning-centric activities that align closely to the things that fascinate you. From enterprise networks to security and the Internet of Things, these are just some of the technology tracks to discover this year.

Mingle With Like-Minded People

Cisco Live is a place to see and be seen, but also share perspectives with other people in the field. If you’re leaning toward going for the first time this year, there’s a networking event specifically for first-time attendees. It happens on Sunday, June 25, from 4-5 p.m.

If you’re not a first-timer, don’t worry. There are lots of other receptions to consider, including one you may be eligible for if you’ve gone several Cisco Live conferences before.

Get Perspectives From the Keynote Speakers

Maybe you’ve heard the rumors that Bryan Cranston will be speaking at this year’s event. It’s confirmed that the buzz was correct and Cranston will deliver the closing keynote address at Cisco Live this year from 3-4 p.m. on Thursday, June 29.

Highly ranking Cisco employees and a former White House CIO are among the other speakers you could hear.

Prep for or Take Cisco Certification Exams

Since Cisco Live is an event that’s so heavily focused on learning, it makes sense that the program includes chances to get ready for Cisco’s certification exams. Sign up for a two- or four-hour session related to your topic of choice. You’ll also go to breakout sessions that discuss matters you’re likely to encounter while taking an exam.

Not surprisingly, you can take the exam inside a mobile testing center within the MGM Grand. This option is especially popular because it allows you to prove competency by taking a completion document back to your workplace.

Request Help at the Technical Solutions Clinic

When dealing with a particularly tricky tech-related challenge, it’s often best to get multiple perspectives, especially if the respective individuals are extremely knowledgeable. The Technical Solutions Clinic is just the place to go if you need problem-solving assistance while at Cisco Live.

Interact with smart and engaging engineers from Cisco’s TAC center and let them tackle an issue that has you stumped. Whether it’s a problem with the firewall at your workplace or something related to the VPN you use to access content while on the go, the staff at the Technical Solutions Clinic welcomes issues that may have caused you to scratch your head in constant frustration.

By now you’re probably more eager than ever to go to Cisco Live this year. Even if you’re not able to attend in person, some of the events will be broadcast online, so you can experience this event one way or another.

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