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Facebook is reportedly bringing a “Watch Videos Together” feature to Messenger

The chances that we’ll see this in Facebook Messenger are very high.

facebook watch party
Image: Facebook

I can barely stand my friends in real life, let alone my friends on Facebook, but when it comes to watching a funny video or TV show, sure, it’s a lot more fun with friends

Facebook started betting on this earlier this year with its Watch Party feature, which basically lets people in a Facebook group watch videos together at the same time. Users could watch, comment, and react to the same video in real time.

Essentially, you could watch a video with a bunch of your friends and talk a bunch of shit.

Watch Videos Together

Well, as it turns out, Facebook might be extending this feature over to Facebook Messenger, according to TechCrunch.

This was first spotted by in the app’s code by developer Ananay Arora. The code snippets suggest the “Watch Videos Together” feature would essentially work exactly like Facebook’s Watch Party, but in a chat format. Essentially, users upload a video to Messenger, and from there, you can invite friends or a group of people to interact with whatever you dropped into the message app.

Ideally, Facebook will only feature videos that are hosted on its own platform as opposed to videos from Netflix or YouTube, which is pretty lame.

Facebook kind of confirmed this is something we might possibly see soon

Facebook took the liberty to respond to comment requests from TechCrunch and pretty much confirmed that this was an “internal test” and couldn’t comment any further on the matter.

But given the company’s track record with its code being previously leaked, like the instance of syncing contacts with Instagram, the chances of this being pushed out is highly probable.

Is this a feature you would like to see in Facebook Messenger or not? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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