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Here’s a smartwatch you’ll actually wear

Smartwatches are big and bulky. It’s not a surprise you don’t see more people wearing the. One fashion designer is looking to change that.

Michael Bastianx HP Watch

Michael Bastianx HP Watch

With the latest smartwatches already hitting the market, it’s no surprise you don’t see more people wearing them. Their big, bulky, and it pretty much looks like you have Big Ben resting on your wrist.

A new breed of smartwatches will be hitting stores from an unlikely maker. Michael Bastain, a fashion designer, has teamed up with HP and retailer Gilt by creating a much needed fashionable smartwatch people will actually wear.  The watches are expected to hit stores sometime in the Fall.

Here’s some other shots we were able to find of the watches design:

michael bastian

What do you think? Are these the type of smartwatches you would purchase?

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