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Musicians rejoice, Fender’s Riffstation app is now free on Windows and macOS

The app allows users to slow down tracks, isolate guitar tracks, create backing tracks, and much more.

Image: Riffstation

Fender’s Riffstation desktop app is now available for free on both Windows and macOS. The app, which helps you break down songs to learn its chords and riffs, was once priced at $35.

With the service, you can also slow down the audio, change the pitch, isolate or mute guitar parts, loop specific sections, and sync a metronome.

Riffstation, which Fender purchased in 2015, once offered web and mobile versions of the software. However, it looks like legal issues have forced Fender to remove those versions, at least for now.

In a message on the website, they explain:

While we work with labels and publishers on a paid Riffstation service, Riffstation will no longer be available on the web or mobile devices.

We hope to bring a similar service back in the future, but in the meantime, we’d like to offer you a free copy of Riffstation Pro desktop app (normally $34.99), on us.

Riffstation Pro is an amazing tool for beginners and advanced guitar players and will help unlock your potential as a guitarist.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we work on what’s next.

If you want to learn more about chords and riffs and wish to do so at your own pace, Riffstation is a great way to start, and now it’s free.

You can download the Windows or macOS version directly from the website.

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