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Apple’s FineWoven cases debut with very poor reactions

Looks like nobody’s liking Apple’s leather replacement.

A collection of cell phones is being used.

With iPhone 15, Apple has discontinued its leather accessories to make its products more sustainable. The company has replaced its leather accessories like iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands with those made from a new material, “FineWoven.” 

This new so-called FineWoven material is made of a “durable” micro-twill that is supposed to feel like soft suede. It may sound good on paper, but it seems like Apple’s plan to go green has backfired. 

What is FineWoven? 

According to Apple, FineWoven was designed with the Earth in mind. It is made of 68% post-consumer recycled material, significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to leather. 

While we respect Apple’s initiative to go green, the company should also care about delivering good products to its consumers, which Apple did not do this time around, as people seem to hate FineWoven products.

Additionally, the FineWoven products aren’t exactly cheap. They cost $59 for the phone cases, $35 for an AirTag holder, and $99 for one of the watch bands.

It seems no one is impressed with Apple’s new FineWoven cases

According to The Verge’s Allison Johnson, his FineWoven MagSafe wallet showed signs of wear along the edges straight out of the box, and the fabric immediately caught lint. 

She also has concerns about permanent scratches and keeping them in the same pocket as her car keys and changes.  

Iphone 15 pro finewoven case with scratches
Source: The Verge

T3’s Carrie Marshall says the new FineWoven iPhone 15 case feels more like fine felt or faux-velvet found in cheap jewelry boxes less like suede, which is not bad but far from premium. She concluded the case was “okay.”

YouTube channel MobileReviewsEh has stated Apple places memory foam behind the iPhone 15 FineWoven cases to make them thicker. The fabric scratches easily, especially if you compare them to the older leather cases.

The conclusion was these cases will look terrible over time, and pet owners should know that the case attracts dog hair and probably cat hair, too. 

While Apple does show a disclaimer warning about the potential long-term condition of the FineWoven iPhone 15 case, stating, “The FineWoven material may show wear over time. Interaction with MagSafe accessories will leave slight imprints.”

However, it still snatches premium prices from its customers. Apple says if this sort of thing concerns you, get an iPhone 15 Silicone Case or Clear Case instead.

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