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Apple could launch its first foldable iPhone alongside the iPhone 18

There’s still a long wait for the first foldable iPhone.

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The idea of a foldable iPhone has been rumored for a while, and now it looks like there’s a real possibility of it, as we have a launch window for Apple’s first foldable iPhone. 

Recently, it was revealed that Apple has entertained the idea of a foldable iPhone in the past, which never became a reality. But the report also said there’s a possibility of an iPhone flip down the line. 

According to the latest report by the Korean website Alpha Economy, Apple has decided on a September 2026 release date for the foldable iPhone. 

The first foldable iPhone could go up against the Galaxy Z Fold 8

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 phone
Image: Samsung/KnowTechie

A 2026 release date also means Apple’s first foldable iPhone will be released alongside the iPhone 18 series, and it will compete with the Galaxy Z Fold 8, as Samsung usually releases its foldable phone in July-August. 

In addition, the outlet claims that Apple expects to sell 50 million units of its foldable iPhone, which is a massive leap. 

In contrast, according to a Canalys report (via Financial Times), only 14.2 million foldable smartphones were shipped in 2022 and said it would turn 30 million in 2023. 

We can’t be sure whether the projection will become accurate until 2023 ends. 

According to the outlet’s source, Apple has already started restructuring its teams, switching employees from the Vision Pro team to its new foldable project. 

I understand that a significant number of Vision Pro’s core personnel have been transferred to the foldable phone development team to develop the foldable phone.

Nevertheless, we suggest taking this report with a grain of salt, as there have been multiple contradictory reports regarding an iPhone that folds.

However, the most tangible report claims that Apple is making a foldable iPad first

That said, it is pretty clever that Apple is actively seeking a way into the foldable market, so the dream of a foldable iPhone may come true sooner or later. 

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