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GAMURS Group is considering replacing human writers with AI

Once the cat was let out of the bag, the entire industry, and especially those directly working under GAMURS Group, lost their collective minds.

The image depicts a job listing for a full-time seo team iii position at the gamurs company website in the united states, with a salary range of $40k - $55k. Full text: gamurs company website in al editor united states - remote ok full-time seo team iii $40k - $55k job openings > al editor
Screenshot / Gamurs Group

Years ago, people considered robots would eventually replace human labor. Even back in the 1960s, shows like The Jetsons lampooned a more automated, lazy lifestyle with conveyor belts and robot maids.

We assumed menial, labor-intensive jobs would be replaced, like flipping burgers. Instead, we’re looking at a world where AI does the jobs of creatives and artists, such as journalism, with humans being “AI Editors” for those synthetic works.

Back in March, GAMURS Group laid off a ton of people due to some vague reasoning given about the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank.

The layoffs indeed occurred, leading to approximately 50 employees across all their sites being let go. Following this, the company went quiet for several weeks.

However, just this week, they posted a new job listing on their website that has folks up in arms: a position for an AI Editor

Gamurs group ai editor listing

An AI did not generate this heading

What is an AI editor, in this case? The job boils down to someone that uses AI, such as ChatGPT, to generate articles for websites owned by GAMURS Group.

They generate the article, then edit it to make sure it’s grammatically sound, not full of errors, and isn’t plagiarized. You know, three things that AI tend to have trouble with.

The position was considered “entry level” and offered a measly $40,000 to $55,000 yearly. However, the real shocker was the job description, which tasked the candidate with generating 200 to 250 articles weekly.

Let me just repeat that for the folks in the back.

200-250 Articles

Unfortunately, you can’t view the details on the Internet Archive anymore, as the original link (that was there not two days ago) has been scrubbed from it. Don’t worry, though: we have images of the entire listing.

A company is looking for a remote full-time seo team al editor in the united states with a salary range of $40k - $55k. Full text: amurs company website in al editor united states - remote ok full-time seo team m $40k - $55k job openings > al editor
In this image, the responsibilities of a role are listed, which includes working in tandem with an al content and seo strategist, ensuring all al-created content is useful and authoritative, and rewriting content where appropriate. Full text: role responsibilities: · work in tandem with al content and seo strategist to finalize workflow and production of al-created content · ensure all al-created content is useful for readers and demonstrates authority · ensure avoidance of any factual errors, plagiarism, redundancies, and other issues · rewrite content where appropriate · write headlines, add links, add images, and other wordpress production processes · ensure content opportunities have not previously been published on gamurs group websites · assist the al content and seo strategist with daily al tasks · work closely with editorial and seo teams to ensure smooth workflow across departments · identify new opportunities for al-produced content and strategy across gamurs group's portfolio · in general, the articles produced will not require a high level of in-depth gaming or · entertainment knowledge and are more basic in structure and expertise. However, an interest in gaming and entertainment is a strong plus · assist with other editing needs across the network · · expected output of 200 to 250 articles per week while working alongside our al content and seo strategist
The gamurs group is looking to hire an al editor for a remote, full-time, entry-level position to join their team of passionate and enthusiastic people. Full text: job openings > al editor gamurs group is looking to hire an al editor. This is a remote position, however we are looking for someone based in either the united states or canada so that you can easily coordinate with the rest of the seo team. This is a new role and is both entry level and full-time. Since this is an entry level position, we are open to training someone on best seo practices. Working with gamurs group means joining a team of passionate and enthusiastic individuals who are always ready to learn from one another. Gamurs group is one of the world's largest gaming and entertainment media groups. You will be working with our website attack of the fanboy. Requirements: writing and/or editing background, especially in relation to digital publishing · someone who is excited about artificial intelligence and keeps up with the latest news about al · a love for gaming and the industry · a keen eye for detail · ability to work in a high output, fast-paced role

Everyone disliked that

Once the cat was let out of the bag, the entire industry, and especially those directly working under GAMURS Group, lost their collective minds.

They quickly closed the position on their site and have not said a word publicly about it as of publication.

I suppose this is a to-be-continued situation now that this instance has spooked everyone. We contacted GAMURS Group for comment but didn’t receive a response at the time of this article’s publication.

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