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GM is finally replacing Chevy Bolt batteries so they stop blowing up

This should be a big relief for Chevy Bolt owners.

chevy bolt
Image: GM

The Chevy Bolt has been one of the most explosive entries to the electric vehicle market to date. Literally. A couple of months ago, GM recalled all of the EVs after reports showed that their batteries had a tendency to burst into flames. Luckily, the company has finally begun to fix the problem

According to a new report from ArsTechnica, GM has finally begun the recall process to stop Chevy Bolt batteries from spontaneously combusting. The solution? Replacing every single battery with a brand new one, a process that the report says will cost the company around $1.8 billion.

GM has begun notifying its customers that the fix is available. Once owners have been contacted and set up an appointment, the company says that repairing the Chevy Bolt should take about two days. The new batteries come with an eight-year 100,000-mile warranty, so users can rest assured that these batteries will be covered in the long run.

What Chevy initially thought was a software issue turned out to be a much bigger problem that required a full replacement. Now that the company is moving forward with the complete replacement of all batteries, the concerns that your car might catch on fire out of nowhere will hopefully be quelled.

Still, GM is going one step further to better monitor the performance of the Chevy Bolt batteries. The article mentioned above also says that the company is preparing a software update for November that will run diagnostics on the batteries to monitor them for any abnormalities.

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