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Go hands-free with this safe and handy car mount

Set your smartphone up just about anywhere with this super-flexible mount.

smartphone car mount
Image: KnowTechie Store

It’s 2019, everyone and their mother should have a smartphone car mount by now. And if you don’t, we have a really great we can suggest. The Layze 2-in-1 Podium Stand Car Mount lets you set your phone up pretty much anywhere, giving you handy hands-free access on-the-road or otherwise for just $20 (currently 66% off).

Whether you’re looking to read recipes off your phone in the kitchen without getting raw chicken all over your phone or safely view your GPS on a road trip, this car mount is just the solution you need. It has three convenient rotating joints, allowing you to rotate your phone for the best viewing access.

The soft silicone base attaches to any flat surface like a dashboard or windshield with ease. And you can rest assured that your phone is in good hands, as the elastic clamp keeps your phone safe. The Layze 2-in-1 Podium Stand Car Mount is currently on sale for 66% off! Get it today for just $20 here.

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