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It’s 2022 and Google Drive finally supports Copy and Paste

Again, it’s 2022.

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Google Drive now supports the most common keyboard shortcuts — Copy, Cut, and Paste — if your browser is Google Chrome.

Yes, it’s 2022, almost fifty years after those three shortcuts were invented by Larry Tesler, and Google has only just added them to Drive.

Google says that everyone will be able to use the feature by June 4th. It is rolling out to Google Drive on the web, and soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the “modern” conveniences copy and pasting.

Google knows you’re worried about your Drive storage limits due to copying and pasting, but has addressed that. With the feature, Google isn’t actually duplicating the content. Instead, a link to the original file is created in the new location.

We just hope that deleting the link only deletes the link.

The fun doesn’t stop there, however. Google says that you can use Ctrl+Enter to open files or folders in a new tab. You can even copy, cut, and paste between tabs.

The other useful thing is that when you copy a file, you’ll get a link to the file and its title in your clipboard. That lets you paste the file into a document or email easily, helping with collaboration.

Google Drive isn’t the only part of Workspace that is getting updates. Google Docs will be getting auto-generated summaries, so you don’t have to do them manually. Meet is also getting AI transcripts, and two image-enhancing features, Portrait Lighting and Portrait Restore.

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