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Google helps searchers pronounce words correctly with this new feature

A small, but quality, update to Google search.

Google speech tools on search
Image: Google

Google has released another tool for its search engine. This time, it proves to be useful for users who have trouble saying words like ‘Worcestershire’ or ‘facetious’.

The new speech tool is currently available for users to pronounce English words, but other languages will be coming soon. Google is taking in how other people pronounce words through machine learning and their own speech recognition software in order to give users critiques on their pronunciation. It even has the ability to give an evaluation of how syllables are pronounced.

Pronouncing words correctly is important and Google is working on helping with that

The demo that Google released (shown above) shows a hypothetical situation on a smartphone. And appears to be very simple.

  • Type in the search bar what word you’d like to pronounce
  • Touch the Practice tab and speak into your phone’s speaker
  • Wait to hear feedback from Google and receive results
  • Go on to not sound like an idiot

Obviously that last step isn’t part of the process, but it will be one of the many end results.

There are many ways where this could prove helpful. One hypothetical situation is in the broadcasting world. For example, say if someone is recording a podcast or recording a news segment, about say, a certain animal with too many consonants in its name. It’s a handy tool to break out and help with the overall presentation of the podcast or segment.

What do you think? Could you see yourself using this feature on Google? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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