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Google just added text-to-speech for emergency calls on its Pixel range – Here’s how to use it

This is fantastic.

Google pixel text-to-speech emergency system
Image: Google

Google is rolling out a new update to the Phone app on its Pixel range, which adds the ability to use text-to-speech for emergency calls.

With only a couple of taps, you can send your location and whether you need Medical, Fire, or Police to the operator.

Here’s how to use the Pixel’s text-to-speech function for emergency calls

The new service is invaluable for those who have a disability, or can’t speak for another reason, like an injury or being in a dangerous situation.

It’s super easy to use:

  • Open the Phone app (or on Android Q, you can long-press the power button to get an Emergency button on the screen to tap)
  • Start placing an emergency call using the EMS shortcode for your country (911 for North America, 999 for the UK, 112 for most of Europe)
  • You’ll see three buttons appear for Medical, Fire or Police
  • Tap on the option you need to activate the text-to-speech call

That’s it. Then Google will use its AI to talk to the operator, including giving them your current address and a Plus code so the Emergency responders can find you. If you’ve not encountered a Plus code before, just know that it’s like a street address but you don’t need a street near you, like if you’re out in the woods.

All Pixel phones will be able to use this feature in the coming months. Google has also said “select Android devices” will be getting the feature as well, just we don’t know which devices yet.

What do you think? Glad to see Google adding this feature? Should other companies follow suit? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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