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Lyft halts e-bike operations in San Francisco after a handful of battery fires

This is fine…

lyft bike fires
Image: SF Examiner

Lyft might have just gotten past its spat with San Francisco’s transport agency but now the ridesharing company has some more fires to put out in the city. Battery fires, to be exact, with several of its rental e-bikes catching on fire this week.

That’s left Lyft with no choice but to suspend its e-bike rental operations in the city until they can prove that they are safe to use.

Lyft has halted its e-bike rentals in San Francisco after some battery fires

Lyft operates its e-bike fleet in San Francisco under the name Bay Wheels, but those wheels won’t be turning for the foreseeable future.

A couple of fires from the lithium-ion battery packs installed in the e-bikes on Saturday and on Wednesday this week has put the clamps on. Lyft has turned off the ability for riders to rent one of the e-bikes until it can deem them safe to ride.

It’s okay Lyft, at least your scooters aren’t ending at the bottom of the bay. Right, Lime? Right, Bird?

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