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The Sevenhugs smart remotes can control almost everything in your home

A smart remote for your smart home.

sevenhubgs smart remotes
Image: Sevenhugs

One of the biggest problems of our ever-more connected homes is trying to control everything. It feels like you need a remote for everything nowadays, and good luck finding the right one when you need it.

Now, you can declutter your life down to one controller, with Sevenhugs’ new range of smart remote controls.

The Smart Remote X and Smart Remote U can control almost everything in your house, from one simple, adaptive interface. It won’t stop you from losing its own remote, but at least you won’t have to hunt through a stack of them anymore.

The Sevenhugs Smart Remotes can control almost everything in your home

Image: Sevenhugs

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote X has a nifty trick – contextual awareness. Just pointing it at your smart devices brings up the corresponding controls on the touchscreen. That’s achieved by a precise indoor-positioning system, that lets the remote know where in your rooms every device it can control is situated.

The Smart Remote U is the same remote, just without the indoor positioning system. Both remotes have the same core functionality, with an adaptive, patented UI controlled via touchscreen.

  • Compatible with over 650,000 devices
  • You can control via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even infrared, where you can teach the remote your devices
  • One-touch automation of customizable scenes

You can grab both remotes from either Sevenhugs.com or Best Buy. The Smart Remote X is $299.99 and the Smart Remote U is $199.99. You’ll be able to get them from Amazon soon.

What do you think? Interested in either of these smart remotes from Sevenhugs? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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