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Google Photos’ Locked Folder comes to iOS and web with backup

You can still choose to store it locally, though.

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Google Photos comes preloaded on most Android smartphones these days, and it is one of the best gallery apps on Android. It also provides one of the most effective backup solutions. 

Another notable feature of Google Photos is the Locked Folder. It allows you to hide any photos and videos in Google Photos.

Now, Google will let you back up images and videos using the Locked Folder feature. Furthermore, the feature is coming to iOS and the Google Photos web version. 

You can now back up your Locked Folder 

The Locked Folder on Google Photos is a private password-protected space where you can securely save sensitive photos and videos. 

The images and videos you have stored in the folder won’t appear in the usual photo grid or other apps. All this time, the backed-up images and videos would be stored locally on your phone, unlike other media files on Google Photos. 

Google Photos Locked Folder Function
Source: 9to5Google

Now, Google is adding the option to back up your Locked Lolder to the cloud, too. There are a few benefits with this solution. 

You will be able to view the contents of the Locked Folder from all your devices. However, you still have to enter a password. The sensitive content won’t appear on the regular grid view, Memories, albums, and Photos search. 

However, if you are worried about uploading sensitive content to the cloud, you can continue using Locked Folder as it is, storing content locally on your device. 

Locked Folder coming to iOS and web 

While Google Photos’s Locked Folder functionality has been the most convenient way of hiding and storing sensitive content on Android, the feature is finally rolling out to the iOS and desktop versions. 

Additionally, Google has also changed the Photos’ Settings page. It has a new layout that makes it easy to find and adjust privacy controls and other settings like backup, sharing, and notifications.

Google has already begun the iOS rollout, but the Web version rollout date is yet to be specified. We expect it to be soon.

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