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Google Maps update will let you keep location history more private

Multiple features are coming to help you keep your Maps history private.

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Google Maps recently received a plethora of new features to combat fake content, and now the platform is getting ready for another set of new privacy-focused features. 

Earlier today, Google announced these three new privacy-focused features in a blog post. These features will help both Android and iOS users keep their movements discreet and more private. 

Delete activities right from Maps 

According to Google’s announcement, Google Maps users will soon be able to delete their activities for a specific location straight from the application. 

It will help if someone is snooping around. For example, you visit a place frequently and don’t want anyone to know, you’ll be able to delete your searches, directions, visits, and shares with a few steps.  

The new function will start rolling out to both Android and iOS users in the coming weeks. 

Changes to the Google Maps’s Timeline feature

Next is the timeline feature or more specifically, changes to the timeline feature. Google is making it possible to store your Timeline on your device instead of on the cloud by default. 

The timeline feature on Google Maps works when location history is enabled and is designed to show the user a summary of where they have been. 

More importantly, Google will restore the Timeline locally on your device to provide more control over your data. It means you will be able to delete all or part of your data instantly. 

Google maps timeline changes in a purple background
Source: Google

There’s also no fear of losing all your data if you switch to a new device, as you can back it up to the cloud, if needed. Google has promised to encrypt your information so no one except you can read it.

The company has also set the auto-delete function in Google Maps to three months by default, which gets activated when you enable location history for the very first time.

Upon its activation, three months’ worth of your location and movement data gets deleted automatically. Previously, auto-delete was set to 18 months by default. However, You could change it. 

Accessing location control on Google Maps will also become easier.

According to Google, after the new update, you will simply have to tap the blue dot that shows your current location to access the advanced settings, like location history or Timeline controls. 

These changes to the Google Maps timeline feature will start rolling out next week for both Android and iOS. According to Google, you will get a notification as soon as the update arrives. 

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