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Google Maps gets new features to combat fake content

No more police station or prison reviews on Google Maps.

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Google Maps

Google has recently made a few changes to Google Maps to prevent people from submitting policy-violating content to its app, which was long overdue considering the fact that over 300 million people share their experiences daily on Google Maps. 

On one of its most important updates today, the Mountain View company announced its new plans to stop users from submitting fake content. 

There are a few ways Google is doing this, but the end result will mean Maps will be a more accurate place for information now.

Quick response to real-time abuse on Google Maps

Google’s system is constantly monitoring, and when such content is detected, the company will implement protections to prevent further abuse.

This may even include taking down policy-violating content or disabling new contributions temporarily.

In addition to real-time protection, Google is also focusing on preventing abuse ahead of sensitive moments like elections, parades, or other important events.

During this time, the company will proactively protect places, limiting the user’s ability to suggest edits to phone numbers, addresses, and other factual info, helping to stop the spread of misinformation.

However, Google’s protection doesn’t end here. The company will not allow any more reviews for specific pulses like prisons and police stations on Google Maps. 

According to Google, these places have long-term protections as user contributions are almost always unhelpful, harmful, or off-topic.

Even if a user tries to write a review for a prison on Google Maps, they will receive a notification informing them the functionality has been turned off, followed by a link to the company’s recent policies.

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