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Google says Pixel 8 Pro screen bumps are nothing to worry about

Google says the bumps should have no impact on the performance and durability.

Bumps and ripples on the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro displays
Pixel 8 Pro screen bumps

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Google finally has responded about the bumps and ripples on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro display, and the Mountain View company said to ignore the bumps and that there’s nothing to worry about. 

Recently, some Google Pixel 8 Pro users started noticing weird bumps and ripples on the screens of their smartphones. 

It’s pretty strange, and some users even claimed that the internal components of the device are pressing against the phone’s screen, causing bumps and ripples.

Pixel 8 Pro screen bumps won’t cause any serious issues down the line  

Google has finally spoken on the matter to the 9to5Google. According to the company, the bumps are indeed caused by internal components. Google also says there’s nothing to worry about. 

Pixel 8 phones have a new display. When the screen is turned off, not in use and in specific lighting conditions, some users may see impressions from components in the device that look like small bumps. There is no functional impact to Pixel 8 performance or durability.

However, it is worth mentioning that internal components causing screen blemishes are nothing new. 

There are times when you can even see parts like proximity sensors under the display if viewed from certain angles. 

Also, these components used to be placed above the screen, and there’s nothing to suggest the bumps on the Pixel 8 Pro are caused by these types of sensors. 

Regardless, we are just glad to hear that the bumps and ripples won’t cause any serious issues to the smartphone down the line. 

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