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Pixel Watch App is finally getting an essential missing feature

It’s unclear when Google will drop this update, though.

Over-the-shoulder vantage point of someone using a pixel watch 2
Google Pixel Watch 2

Google launched the Pixel Watch app, a companion application for its smartwatch, back in 2022 alongside the original Pixel Watch

While the app was excellent, it had all the expected stuff, like configuration options, settings, and more; the app still lacked a feature that most people would say was necessary or obvious – a full charge notification.

Google didn’t even add it when it launched the second generation of its Android smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch 2

However, it looks like the company is finally ready to introduce what is probably the simplest feature, soon. 

New Pixel Watch app feature notifies you when the battery is 100%

Today, it was discovered on the Google News Telegram channel that the latest version of the Pixel Watch app has a behind-the-scenes option. 

Hidden behind a server-side flag, it appears to be a notification feature, which, if enabled, your Pixel Watch will send a notification to your phone letting you know when it has finished charging.

Surprisingly, the folks behind the Telegram channel were able to enable the feature, and according to them, the notification doesn’t pop up immediately. It takes a few minutes to ping your phone. 

Pixel watch battery notification ping from pixel app
Source: Google News

That said, it’s not something groundbreaking but a welcome update that should have been added long ago. Only now, users won’t need to hover over their Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2 to know whether it’s fully charged. 

Unfortunately, we are not sure when Google will roll out this Pixel Watch app feature. Google is also kind of downplaying when it comes to updates. 

The first update for the Pixel Watch 2 LTE model rolled out recently, which didn’t include anything but bug fixes and a November security patch. 

Since it’s almost December, the company could include this feature in December’s Pixel feature drop. We’ll have to wait and watch.

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