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Google Search now has a slick interactive periodic table that includes facts and 3D models

Google is also releasing some new Google Assistant tools.

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Google is always adding more interactive features to Search, and the latest addition is going to come in clutch for Chemistry class. It’s a new interactive periodic table of the elements, with each element’s main properties.

To find it, head to Google Search and type “periodic table” then click on “Explore elements” in the sidebar item saying “3D Models – See the periodic table in 3D.” Here’s a direct link, so you don’t have to go through the extra steps.

Now, chemistry was one of the only subjects I studied at a higher level in school, but even then I learned a few things from this page. It’s neat seeing the electrons orbiting the nucleus, and being able to drag that around in 3D to study the atom from different angles.

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google search interactive periodic table showing the entry for nickel
Image: Google

Each entry also has all the pertinent data about each element, like its atomic mass, melting point, and who discovered it.

There’s also a one-line fact about each element, which might come in handy the next time you’re in a general knowledge quiz. Things like “Nickel resists corrosion at high temperatures,” or “beryllium is a component of several dental alloys.” Neat.

Google also announced a bunch of new Google Assistant tools, like Family Bell which will soon be able to ring on mobile devices. Just in time for the school year to start, isn’t that handy? It used to only ring on Nest smart displays or smart speakers. The feature is also getting the ability to show a checklist when Family Bell goes off, so you can organize your family’s morning routine with ease.

The last addition to help your morning routine is the ability to automatically turn off your alarm when you start your morning routine. This is ‘coming soon’ according to Google.

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