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What the hell is Bitcoin, and why should you care?

Hearing all this hype around Bitcoin and wondering what’s up? This guide will answer all your questions.

bitcoin You’ve probably been hearing all this hype around Bitcoin and thinking to yourself, “what the hell is it, and why should I care?”

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that uses peer-to-peer technology to bypass the central banking authorities. It’s essentially a currency that, in theory, the government can’t touch.

If you google Bitcoin, there are lots of resources that detail this elusive payment system, but none are really all that helpful for a basic understanding of this currency, and why it might be relevant to your life. I recently stumbled across this amazing resource from that provides a simplified look at what Bitcoin is, how it works, and where the market is today. The interactive is divided up into three interactive sections where you can click and scroll for further information.

This is simply the best guide to Bitcoin I’ve found. Check it out:


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