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Here’s how to watch Apple’s iPhone 13 event today

The event starts at 1 PM EDT.

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It’s the most magical time of the year again. No, it’s not Christmas, the jolly fat man in red won’t be appearing until at least after Halloween. What is coming is the new Apple Event, where the iPhone 13 range is about to be announced, alongside some other Apple goodies, announced by some thin guy in a turtleneck.

I guess it’s early Christmas for tech geeks, where we’ll see the four iPhone 13 models, all of their improvements, and some new AirPods, if reports are accurate.

Want to watch Apple unveil the new iPhone? Here’s how

  • Go to Apple’s Event page and add a calendar reminder so you don’t have to futz around remembering how timezones work.
  • The event is at 10AM, PDT, 1PM EDT, 5PM GMT
  • You can watch from Apple’s Events page, or from their YouTube (embedded above)

I mean, you might as well watch. It will be literally the only thing the tech world will be talking about for most of tomorrow, so your social media feeds will be chock-a-block with iPhones, AirPods, and other Apple tech.

That said, that two hours of time could be a great way to tackle your overflowing inbox since nobody is going to be sending you more emails. Whatever you do tomorrow, expect iPhone ads on every single thing you watch for a while.

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