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For Honor shows off new Elimination mode

Ubisoft’s upcoming war battler For Honor is only about a month away, and in this new trailer we get to see the new Elimination mode.

In this mode you’ll fight team vs team, and once you’re dead, you’re out. No respawns, you sit out until everyone on one team is dead. This introduces a more strategic approach to combat and gives you a reason to be more careful as to how you deal with opponents.

You’ll also find looks at three new characters in this same video: The Shugoki, which is a giant Samurai with uninterruptible attacks. The Warlord, which is a big ass Viking who uses his size and his massive shield to absorb damage while also dishing out the pain.

Finally, they show off the Peacekeeper, which is an assassin type character (note the Assassin’s Creed logo on her Tunic) which attacks with a long sword and a dagger. Attacks with the dagger inflict bleed damage, adding insult to injury as she gets in, does quick bursts and then gets out before she’s annihilated.

The more I see about this game, the more excited I get about it. I saw it at E3 and it looked incredible.

For Honor is one of my most anticipated games for early 2017, and we’re just over a month away, so keep your eyes out for this intense and brutal brawler that’s just a few short weeks away.

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