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How many ads are on Netflix’s ad-supported subscription tier?

It looks like ads won’t be overwhelming, at least at the beginning.

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Image: KnowTechie

After months of preparing us, Netflix is finally gearing up to launch its ad-supported tier.

Netflix’s new Basic with Ads plan launches on November 3 for a lower monthly price but with the addition of ads. So how many ads should you expect?

It has likely always been Netflix’s plan to add an ad-supported subscription tier. The platform sucked us in with a relatively low subscription fee, but those prices have increased steadily in recent years.

Now, you can get a subscription for cheaper, as long as you’re okay with ads. And Netflix gets to make extra money from advertisers thanks to the data it has gathered over the last decade.

netflix starting a 6.99 per month
Image: Netflix

But how many ads should you expect with the Basic with Ads tier? Thankfully, Netflix doesn’t leave us guessing about this.

Here’s the breakdown of ads on the Basic with Ads Netflix tier:

  • There will be about four to five minutes of ads every hour
  • Ads will play in 15 or 30-second increments
  • They will play before and during shows and movies that you’re watching

Four to five minutes of ads every hour doesn’t seem too overwhelming. Traditional television generally has much more ad time per hour.

A 45-minute programming and 15-minute ad-space-per-hour model is pretty common.

netflix logo with faces
Image: KnowTechie

Of course, this is just how ads will work at the beginning. There’s a good chance that the platform will start shipping more ads after its users get used to them.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another price increase for Netflix’s ad-free tiers sometime soon.

Now that the platform offers a much more affordable option, it might see just how much we’re willing to pay to avoid advertisement.

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