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How mobile apps are taking betting sites to the next level

With the importance of mobile betting clearly obvious to bookmakers, don’t be surprised to see them investing more time and money into their products

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Betting has always been a well-supported pastime, with people placing a wager against their bookmaker to try their luck and win some money.

The number of people placing bets worldwide has grown considerably over the last couple of decades and that has been thanks to a two-step change in how we bet.

Betting shops offered gambling on the high street in the early days. These were followed by internet betting, the ability to sit at home and place a wager on your computer. For some people, this was the ultimate convenience and something that really grew interest in gambling.

Now we have something even more convenient, mobile apps for betting. It no longer matters if you are at home or not because the bookmaker is in your pocket, just a few swipes and clicks away.

The Convenience of Mobile Betting Apps

We live in a world where we want everything easy. Convenience is a huge factor in many purchases that we make, to be the most popular you have to be the most convenient.

To begin with, betting wasn’t convenient, you had to travel to a betting shop to place bets.

Internet betting on a computer gave punters the chance to bet at home, you didn’t need to get dressed to place a bet. That seemed the ideal solution for those betting at the time, but it no longer is now.

People don’t just want to bet at home, they want to bet while out with friends, at a football game, at work and many more places. Those that follow professional analysts like Doc Sports to place bets as soon as the information hits their inbox.

This is where mobile betting apps have found their position in the market, and in terms of convenience, that position is certainly right at the top.

Does Every Bookmaker Have a Mobile App?

Not all bookmakers have an app yet, but pretty much everyone offers some kind of mobile service.

Those that don’t have an app will have a mobile site that players can use, and more often than not these are specifically optimized to work on small screen devices.

The biggest and best bookmakers know how important a mobile service is, and for that reason these usually all have an app you can download. Last month published a list of the most trusted betting sites, which players can use to help them choose where to place mobile bets.

By choosing a bookmaker that has an app, you know you can bet anywhere within seconds. All you need to do is take your phone out of your pocket, open the app and head to the sport you want to bet on.

The Future of Mobile Betting

We have seen bookmakers improve their mobile service a lot over the past few years. This includes adding features to their app such as the ability to access live betting and live streaming.

Many mobile gamblers are now in a position where they have no need to go on a computer, they can control every aspect of their account through the app.

This is the position where bookmakers want to be. As for further enhancements, the big technology shift at the moment is to voice recognition software.

Could tools such as the Alexa be what paves the way for voice-activated betting apps? Could we see bookmakers integrating that, so instead of doing the work yourself you can just tell the app what you would like to bet on?

With the importance of mobile betting clearly obvious to bookmakers, don’t be surprised to see them investing more time and money into their products, to make them even better.

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