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How to stop Life360 from selling your location data

Life360 sells your personal, private data, but you can tell them not to.

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Life360, one of the popular family tracking apps, is selling the location data of its users. That’s as horrifying as it sounds, with precise, non-anonymized location data going to data brokers, and their customers.

With that kind of data, advertisers could follow you around the city, selling you ads for the stores you’re in front of. It could also be bought for far more nefarious use, as it’s possible to work backwards and positively identify you, and your kids, and track their movements.

If you’re not going to stop using Life360 because you feel it gives you a level of comfort knowing where your family is, the least you can do is stop them from selling your location data to the data brokers.

Here’s how to stop Life360 from selling your location data

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Image: KnowTechie

Within the Life360 app, you thankfully have an option to stop the company from selling your personal information. Here’s how to set it up.

  1. Open the Life360 app

  2. Tap on Settings

  3. Next, Tap on Privacy & Securitylife360 app privacy and security menu option

  4. From there, Tap on Do Not Sell My Personal Informationlife360 do not sell my personal information option

  5. Tap the toggle next to Personal Information Sales so it’s in the off position (it will gray out)life360 toggle to stop location information sales to third-parties

While this does supposedly stop Life360 from selling your precise location data, the question remains. Should you still trust them with your family’s safety?

Other services (typically first-party solutions) can provide the tracking you want without selling your data (or at least any more of it), or you could work on trusting your kids so they don’t actually need to be lojacked.

Oh, if you thought Tile would be a better choice, then heads up, as Life360 now owns them.

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