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TikTok might owe you some cash for its $92 million lawsuit over data collection

If you used TikTok before September 30, you’re likely eligible for a chunk of the settlement.

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Popular video-sharing app TikTok has settled a massive $92 million dollar class-action lawsuit over its data collection practices. The company reached the settlement months ago, but TikTok users in the United States should start seeing a banner in-app notifying you of a potential payout.

We initially learned of this lawsuit back in June, when it became clear that the company had been collecting biometric data, such as faceprints and voiceprints, from its users.

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Before the company changed its privacy policies to show that it was doing this, a combination of 21 different lawsuits was filed causing TikTok of breaking the law.


The law, in this situation, has to do with whether or not the company is transparent about its data collection.

In Illinois, where the lawsuits were filed, people can sue a company for using their biometric data without consent. Court documents say that TikTok was doing just that.

“By utilizing this private and biometric information…TikTok maintains a competitive advantage over other social media apps and profits…while failing to comply with the minimum requirements for handling users’ biometric data,” says the document.

TikTok says that it didn’t do anything against the law but still decided to settle out of court for some reason.

“While we disagree with the assertions, rather than go through lengthy litigation, we’d like to focus our efforts on building a safe and joyful experience for the TikTok community,” reads a company statement after settling back in February. Sure, TikTok. Whatever you say.

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Regardless, a settlement has been reached and TikTok users in the United States may be eligible for a piece of the pie. If you used the app before September 30 of this year, you may be entitled to a share. Check out this link for instructions on how you can get your settlement.

Just maybe don’t expect a huge chunk of change. There are more than 100 million TikTok users in the United States and only $92 million is up for grabs here. That’s less than a dollar per person if all of those users file a successful claim and people in Illinois are eligible for larger settlements.

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