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Surprise! Three out of four adults think Facebook is bad for society

Surprisingly, many people say that Facebook itself is not to blame for its negative impact on society.

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If you’ve seen or heard any kind of news lately, you’re probably aware of just how much scrutiny Facebook has come under over the last couple of months.

Well, a new survey from CNN shows just how bad Facebook’s reputation has gotten. Three out of four adults say that the company makes society worse.

The new study asked 1,004 random adults how they felt about the social media giant. An overwhelming majority of 76 percent say the platform is bad for society. Compared to just 11 percent who say that Facebook is good for society, and you can see how the public views the platform nowadays.

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Interestingly enough, the study found that most people don’t blame how the company is run for the damage that Facebook does to society.

In fact, only 45 percent of people say that the way the company is run is to blame for its negative impact on society. 55 percent say that the way people use the platform is why it has become so negative.

People have always been skeptical about Facebook’s practices. But the real catalyst to all of the recent disdain surrounding the platform is due to the release of the so-called ‘Facebook Papers,’ which detail some of the unappealing methods that the company uses in its operation.

Will Facebook ever change its ways?

Obviously, most people want to see some major changes coming to the way Facebook operates. The question seems to lie in whether that should be the government’s job or if Facebook should regulate itself.

Surprisingly, only 53 percent of adults feel the government should impose additional regulations on the platform.

While it would be nice to see Facebook magically change its ways (after changing its name to Meta) and start operating its platform with society’s best interests in mind, chances are that’s not going to happen. And many other people feel the same way.

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38 percent of people admitted that they don’t trust major tech companies at all. If anything is to be done about the damage that Facebook inflicts on society, I think it will most likely have to come from some sort of government regulation.

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