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Facebook says its Oversight Board has become too much work

The company says that its current methods of communicating with the board are not ideal.

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When Facebook created its own Oversight Board last year, a lot of people thought it looked like a major PR move to help the company look better under scrutiny.

Now, Meta, Facebook’s new and improved(?) name, says that it can’t keep up with the constant recommendations that come from the Oversight Board.

In the company’s quarterly update on the Oversight Board published earlier this week, Facebook expressed its concerns over how the board currently operates. In the report, the company says that the board’s current methods aren’t “the best way to bring about the long-term, structural changes the board is pushing us to undertake.”

Right now, the Oversight Board issues recommendations whenever it notices an issue that needs to be addressed. Facebook then has 30 days to respond to the recommendation. The company says that this structure makes it impossible for the company to address all of the 78 recommendations that the board has issued since January.

The company also references the written back-and-forth between itself and the board as part of the problem. “The current format of knowledge sharing – with largely formalized, written exchanges – is not well suited to answering the board’s questions,” reads the report.

Facebook says that it is currently working with the Oversight Board to potentially improve the recommendation process.

The company hopes to integrate the board’s recommendations with its own ‘roadmapping’ plans, which determine how the company will move forward in all aspects. We’ll likely have to wait until the next quarterly update to see if any progress is made on this issue.

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