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Does Facebook let you unlike inactive pages?

All those old pages show up in the About section of your profile. Is there any way to remove them?

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Over the years, Facebook has shifted and evolved through many different phases. And consequently, most of the platforms’ 3 billion users have changed the way that they use the platform over time.

Take liking pages, for instance. Those of us who started out on Facebook as teenagers have probably been liking all kinds of different pages for years, as our interests on the platform grow and evolve.

In my own early years on Facebook, I remember going through and liking just about every page that I could find. Discover a new band? Like their Facebook page. Favorite sports teams? Like their page. Basically, any and everything that I had some sort of interest in had to be liked on Facebook.

hiding liked pages on facebook
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Getting rid of active pages is straightforward, but what about pages that you’ve liked that no longer exist? They still show up on your profile for some reason. Can you unlike those pages even after they’ve been deleted?

Can you unlike inactive Facebook pages?

Short Answer: Nope

If one of the pages that you have liked in the past becomes inactive or gets deleted, there’s actually no way to remove it from your list of liked pages. The deleted page won’t show up in your liked ‘Pages’ on your dashboard, and you will no longer see it on your Facebook Activity Log on a computer.

The only place that these deleted liked pages will show up is on your profile. So anyone that comes along will see that you liked that old-school meme page back in 2014. The only way to hide those inactive liked pages from your profile is to remove that section completely from your bio.

how to hide likes on facebook
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To do this, navigate to your profile on PC and select the About section. From there, scroll down until you find the Likes section that shows all of the pages that you’ve liked.

Then click the three-dot menu at the top right and select Hide Section and that section will be removed from your profile.

how to hide likes on facebook
Image: KnowTechie

Just to be clear, this will hide all of your liked pages, so that will be the sacrifice you have to make to hide all of those deleted pages that you liked in the past. To get them back, you’ll need to go to your profile, click More on the line with Posts, About, etc (shown above), and select Manage Section.

This is kind of a ridiculous workaround to have to do, but unfortunately, it’s the only option available right now.

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