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How to edit and deactivate Facebook Memories

If you’d prefer to avoid certain people in your Facebook Memories, you can do that.

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The Memories features that Facebook uses is designed to remind you of great moments that you’ve had throughout the years.

However, all of these systems are based on algorithms, and they sometimes fail to deliver meaningful Memory suggestions.

In some cases, they may even end up suggesting painful moments which you may not want to remember.

Luckily, users have control over how the Memories features function on Facebook works, and we’ll guide you through the process below.

How to adjust your Facebook Memories settings

The Facebook Memories feature was initially released under the name “On this day”. However, it has since been renamed to Memories.

It uses an algorithm to decide what photos or content you may like to see from your past.

Changing its preferences can be done from the Facebook website, or using the app.

Using the desktop website:

Facebook memories on desktop
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  1. From the left-hand side of the screen select Memories (if you cannot find it, expand the list by clicking See More)
  2. Select Hide People or Hide Dates, depending on what Memories you would like to eliminate

And that’s it! You’re done.

Using the mobile app:

Facebook memories how-to on mobile app
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The Facebook mobile app streamlines the configuration process:

  1. From the Facebook app, tap the menu icon that is located in the top right or the bottom right of the screen (depending on your device)
  2. Select Memories and tap the gear icon to start configuring the feature
  3. Under Hide People you can hide people or dates

Facebook enables users to remove specific people from their memories by typing their names. This option is available on both desktop and mobile apps. Be advised that if you want to type the names of people that you want to keep out of your suggestions, you will get a list of users that match that parameter.

You will have to go through the list and find the individuals that you’re looking for. However, the contacts that you need are usually in the first 10-20 names, so it won’t take a lot of time to get the job done.

If you simply want to see fewer memories, you can also adjust the frequency with which Facebook sends you notifications. You can choose between once per day, get algorithmically chosen highlights, or never (which will completely turn off Memories notifications).

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