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How to use Netflix’s Coming Soon feature to keep track of upcoming shows and movies

This will be so helpful.

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One of the worst parts about the user experience on Netflix is the ridiculous way that you have to scroll through everything, just to find the latest shows added to the library. Well, no more, as Netflix has added a Coming Soon section, which highlights the shows and movies coming in the next couple of weeks, and lets you set reminders so you don’t miss something you wanted to watch.

You can also use it to watch trailers for those upcoming shows, in case you’re not one of those people who turned trailers off on Netflix as soon as they had the chance and never looked back. The new section updates daily, and it’s also based on your viewing history, so it is personalized to show you the genres you watch, rather than the ones you don’t want.

Here’s how to use the Coming Soon features in Netflix

It should go without saying that you’ll need a Netflix account for this.

  1. Open Netflix in the mobile app, on a desktop browser, or on a streaming box
    netflix dashboard

    Image: Netflix

    • If you’re in the app, there is a Coming Soon button on the bottom menu bar
    • If you’re using a desktop browser, you’ll have a Latest option in the top menu
    • If you’re on a streaming box or console, the Latest category is in the left sidebar
  2. Scroll through the lists of upcoming shows and movies
  3. If you see anything you like, select the title and Netflix will set a reminder for you

    netflix dashboard

    Image: Netflix

  4. You can unset reminders by selecting the title again

Now, you’ll get reminders when your show arrives on the service, so you don’t have to keep checking or use precious memory space to remember yourself. Nice.

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