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If your iPhone keeps dropping calls, download this update Apple just pushed out

The bug seems to mainly be an issue with the iPhone 12, but others have experienced the issue, as well.

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If you’re one of the unfortunate iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 users that have been experiencing high volumes of dropped calls, you should go update iOS to the latest version, iOS 15.1.1. Apple says that it has identified the bug that was causing the dropped calls, and the minor update to iOS 15 will fix things.

The dropped calls bug seems to have been more of an issue for the iPhone 12, although Redditors have mentioned issues with their iPhone 13’s and even some earlier iPhone models.

When the reports of widespread dropped calls on the iPhone 12 came out about a year ago, the best guess was an issue with switching between cell towers.

Whether that’s what Apple has found as the root cause is unclear at this time, but we’re all glad to see that our iPhones are about to work properly as actual phones again.

Here’s how to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 15:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone ios settings app

  2. Tap on General

  3. Tap on Software Update  ios 14 settings software update for iphone

  4. Tap on Download and Install

That’ll get you updated to iOS 15.1.1, which should fix any issues with voice calls dropping.

If you’ve not been experiencing those, you could wait until Apple releases iOS 15.2, which will bring more features like improving macro mode on the iPhone 13 Pro, a manual scan option for AirTags, the App Privacy Report, and more.

This minor update to iOS 15.1.1 doesn’t have any security updates, so you’re not at risk by not updating.

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