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Intel confirms the biggest rebranding of the decade

The last time the CPU maker decided to do a similar shake-up was when Intel’s Core line was launched. It was back in 2006.

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Intel is rebranding its entire processor lineup ahead of the Meteor Lake launch. The biggest change? They’re dropping the “I” in chipsets like the i9, i7, and more.

Intel’s chipsets, previously divided into various tiers with distinct names, often led to confusion for many. In response, the tech giant is streamlining its branding towards a more simplistic approach.

The first Core Series processor, the Core 2 Duo, hit the market in 2006. Over time, it expanded into a multi-tiered structure, giving birth to the era of Core i3, i5, i7, and i9.

Yet, the landscape changed in 2010 when Intel introduced a more advanced version of these processors, culminating in the creation of the X-Series.

Intel’s new branding formula

To dispel confusion, Intel is initiating a rebrand of its processors, beginning with the Meteor Lake chips.

This rebranding isn’t exactly a bolt from the blue. Back in May, the name ‘Core Ultra 5‘ surfaced in the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark database.

So, moving forward, the company is dropping the “i” from its mainstream processors’ names, transforming the Core i3/i5/i7/i9 into Core 3/5/7/9.

The company’s more advanced processor, the X-Series, is also changing. The X-Series is getting replaced with “Ultra.” So, Core i7 X-Saeries turns into the Core 7 Ultra

However, the rebranding isn’t limited to the company’s processors. They are also changing the name of its Evo-certified system. Now, they will be known as Evo Edition.  

Rebranded Intel Evo Edition

The company’s commercial systems are also getting similar treatment. They will either be called vPro Enterprise or vPro Essentials.

Rebranded Intel vPro

This is the company’s biggest rebranding in fifteen years. The last time the CPU maker decided to do a similar shake-up was when Intel’s Core line was launched. It was back in 2006.

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