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Is YouTube still the best game streaming option?

Although YouTube is likely to bounce back from the recent scandals, the damage is already done.

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If you haven’t already heard streaming is the hottest topic in gaming right now. Despite being around for nearly ten years, game streaming only became mainstream in 2015. The two biggest names in streaming are YouTube and Amazon-owned Twitch.

For the past two years, YouTube has proven the dominant force. Streamlabs who studied YouTube & Twitch across 2015-16, put YouTube first. In terms of monthly active users, YouTube showed an increase of 330% versus Twitch at 19%.

This YouTube dominance may be coming to an end though. Several controversies, including the Logan Paul scandal, are proving difficult for YouTube to shake off.

Since the scandal broke YouTube has been cracking down on its streamers. Recently, well-known casino streamers @CasinoDaddy and @Letsgiveitaspin have been banned from Youtube. Although this is entirely separate to Logan Paul, many streamers are getting worried. It is speculated that both streamers broke YouTube regulations. YouTube streamers are all held accountable to tight rules and regulations. Often these rules are vague at best, and this had to fear amongst its streamers. This fear could lead to a massive move of streamers from YouTube to Twitch. Twitch, on the other hand, have taken a lesser approach and have not had any such controversies.

Parting ways with Youtube, @Casinodaddy, and @Letsgiveitaspin have vowed to go all in with their Twitch channels.

Who makes more money YouTube and Twitch game streamers?

In 2016 it was estimated that as much as 80% mobile and internet users watched some form of a live stream.  The most interesting statistic is that 45% people would pay for live content. Streamers on both YouTube and Twitch are banking on this. Both services allow for popular accounts to become monetized. From charging for exclusive content and private messaging boards, streamers are making a steady income from their accounts. This is before sponsorship or prize wins are taken into account.

Currently, both YouTube and Twitch allow for monetization. Although quite similar Twitch streamers can earn more than their YouTube Gaming counterparts. One of the main reasons for this is due to Twitch’s affiliate program.

What are the benefits of live streaming games?

Besides just being the “in thing” there are many benefits to game streaming. One of the biggest benefits of streaming is viewer interaction. Whilst streaming games viewers can now interact in real time with the player. Simultaneous chats allow players to get the most out of the game streams. Previously any information had to be shared on message boards or via email.

For streamers, both YouTube and Twitch allow insights into top tournaments and new games. Many of the most watched games often happen to have huge cash prizes attached. This is particularly true in casino streaming. Online casino review site says: 

Casino streaming’ is a new-found craze that is taking the entire online casino scene by storm. Not only does it give an insight look into casino gaming as never before, but players build genuine rapports with casino streamers based on trust

Streamers can now share every aspect of their gameplay from wins to strategy and thoughts. For less experienced players, streaming offers the best learning opportunity.

What streaming site is better YouTube or Twitch?

At the end of the day, it is down to personal preference. Both Youtube and Twitch have their benefits and drawbacks. What is becoming clear is that the age of YouTube dominance is ending. Twitch offers streamers more opportunities and is fostering its community more. In 2017 the first Twitch Con took place. Designed as a gathering of its streamers to come together, learn and play games.

Although YouTube is likely to bounce back from the recent scandals, the damage is already done.


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