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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is getting ready to launch tourists into space, with tickets going on sale soon

Jeff, I don’t have any money or talent, but I really want to go. What do you think, can we make it happen?

Blue origin new shepard capsule
Image: Blue Origin

If you are interested in the prospect of space travel and have a bunch of money lying around, then you might soon get the chance to travel to the edge of space on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin project.

Announced today, Blue Origin released a YouTube video showcasing its space tourism rocket, New Shepard. The video is only 49 seconds long and shows an excited Jeff Bezos and some footage of the rocket. At the end of the video, it prompts users to sign up to learn more about the project, with more details being released on May 5.

Of course, no prices have been revealed yet, but considering how much similar projects are running, chances are it’s going to be expensive.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is also exploring tourist space travel, with its trip to the International Space Station setting people back a staggering $55 million. That trip is a more intensive, multi-day trip, however, so it is doubtful Blue Origin tickets will be that much.

New Shepard is designed to carry six people to the edge of space, where they will experience zero gravity for nearly 10 minutes before returning to terra firma.

You can sign up for more details on the Blue Origin website.

Update 5/7/2021 7:31 EDT: Blue Origin has officially opened up sealed bidding for a shot at the one open seat on its suborbital launch vehicle, New Shepard. The launch is scheduled for July 20, 2021. Read more here.

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