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Just Simple Power Bank takes wireless charging to the next level 

The pre-order campaign has been a huge success thus far

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Image: Just Simple

By 2021, the average consumer in North America is expected to own 13 connected devices. While most of these devices are designed to simplify our lives, sometimes they make things a bit more complicated.

This is especially true if you’re someone always on-the-go or traveling with your devices. Since each one has its own means of charging, you first have to remember to bring the chargers with you and then you have to figure out how to keep them organized.

This is why power banks are a smart move. If you’re a consumer with several devices, it’s a sigh of relief when you only have to rely on one gadget for power.

This is just one of the reasons why Just Simple designed their Universal Power Bank. With the minimalist in mind, they’ve designed a device made to meet all of the needs of consumers.

This all-in-one portable power bank will charge up to 5 of your devices and up to 4x faster

This is thanks to their incorporation of the latest fast-charging capabilities, Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ and Power Delivery 3.0. With that, they’ve also taken wireless charging to a new level.

Wireless charging sounds great, but most people still stick to cables. Why? Wireless charging is slow. Well, Just Simple has made it 1.4x faster and with their device, you can charge your smartphone and Apple Watch simultaneously. In addition to this innovation, consumers are also able to use their smartphone while it’s charging as well.

If you’re one to keep your devices at home or at the office, but you want to stay organized, Just Simple also allows for pass-through charging so you can use the device as a dock. No matter your lifestyle, the Just Simple Universal Power bank can easily integrate into your life.

The pre-order campaign has been a huge success thus far, but there are only a few days to go. Grab yours here.

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