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Key differences that give Netflix an edge over Disney Plus

In my personal opinion, Disney Plus and Netflix comparisons are not an apples to apples comparison.

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Disney Plus launched with an amazing 10 million subscriptions and what’s even more impressive is that the launch wasn’t even global at the time. While Disney has brought Nat Geo, Pixar, MCU, Star Wars, and Disney originals on its platform, does it stand in a competing position with Netflix?

Well, to begin with, the way I see it there is no comparison between the two services. Disney Plus is purely family television with no content with an R rating or above. On the other side, Netflix has something for everyone and if you have children you might have to seriously turn on the parental controls to avoid your children from viewing something that is not suitable for their age.

Both the platforms have parental control with which you can control what content kids see but in Disney’s case, there isn’t generally any content that you would have to block out from your kids. It can only get as adult as the Mandalorian.


When it comes to comparing the user interface of the two platforms, both are pretty much similar except for the part where Netflix starts playing the title if you hover the mouse over it. Otherwise, there aren’t any major differences in the user interface. When you play a title on Disney you can forward and rewind it, while Netflix gives you some other options as well such as turning on or off the subtitles. You can even skip episodes and seasons with a synopsis beneath the title.


At the moment Netflix is available in 190 countries, with the exception of China, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria. While initially Disney Plus was only available in the US gradually expanding to Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. In March it also expanded to other countries including Europe, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland, and India. However, Eastern Europe and the rest of Asia Pacific will have to wait until 2021. However, you can trick Disney+ and access it from anywhere using the best VPN for Disney Plus.


When it comes to content Disney isn’t short of content but when it comes to numbers, it has 500 movies and around 7,500 episodes only compared to Netflix having over 4,000 movies and around 47,000 episodes.

If you compare the quality of original content, Netflix has released fantastic binge-worthy titles such as The Irishman and 6 Underground. Original TV shows include Space Force, Da 5 Bloods, Extraction, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and Russian Doll. All these titles have attracted attention globally and created a cult-like following. 

Disney’s content includes Star Wars live-action show The Mandalorian, Artemis Fowl, the recently released Mulan and it will release sequels to the Lizzie McGuire show, as well as new Star Wars live-action series. There are also seven live-action TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, these will release from 2020 till 2021, so practically speaking there isn’t much for Disney to show off yet.


Netflix offers three different plans, Basic ($8.99), Standard ($12.99), Premium ($15.99). The basic plan doesn’t even include HD quality and offers just a single screen while on the other hand Disney Plus offers one single plan inclusive of all features for $6.99 and up to 10 screens at a time. It also has a bundle offer of Disney Plus + Hulu and ESPN Plus at $12.99 per month which further brings down the cost of Disney Plus to $4.33 a month. Also Disney Plus gives a 7 day trial period, while Netflix has stopped giving its 30-day trial and instead is now giving free limited content.

Disney Plus definitely gives more value for your money!

Final Verdict 

In my personal opinion, Disney Plus and Netflix comparisons are not an apples to apples comparison. Both platforms have different approaches when it comes to their content. Disney is offering a pure family TV experience while Netflix offers more adult and edgier content along with some content for kids. Perhaps a better comparison would be comparing Netflix with HBO Max as the two are more relatable for comparison.

At the moment at least, Netflix has a massive head start in terms of content available on its library.

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