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Kids in China can no longer play video games past their bedtimes

Is this really the answer?

Kids on smartphones playing games
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Apparently gaming addiction is a big problem in China, and now the restrictions aimed at reducing the plague have been extended to mobile titles. That means new age ratings for mobile games, the need to register with real names, and strict limits on both spending and gaming time.

Yikes, does this mean I might actually win a game of Clash of Clans now?

Mobile gamers in China face new restrictions in the aim of curbing gaming addiction

The state censor in China has extended the restrictions on video games to include mobile titles. That means anyone using a smartphone or other device to play app-based games now has to comply with “guidelines” that include strict time limits and spending limits, or face consequences.

Under the new rules, published by state media on Tuesday, the new rules for mobile games include:

  • The requirement that real names are used to register for any services
  • An age rating system for mobile games
  • “Guidelines” that limit gaming to between 8am and 10pm, with a total of 1.5 hours per day (or three on holidays), and no more than 400 yuan ($57 USD) spent on in-game purchases monthly
  • Tencent uses facial recognition to identify minors who use its games
  • 20 percent of China’s internet users are minors, with a smaller percentage of those being online game players

Will these measures curb gaming addiction? We all know prohibition doesn’t work, so perhaps the strict screen time rules have some merit. Then again, they’re no substitute for teaching healthy screen use.

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