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A UPS drone has successfully delivered prescription meds to homes in North Carolina

This could be huge for those with limited mobility.

ups drone in flight
Image: UPS

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Having to go to a pharmacy to get medicine sucks. It sucks for those that are healthy, but it is even worse for those that feel terrible due to illness or those with limited mobility that need the medicine to survive. That could soon change thanks to drone delivery services.

With ongoing tests from Google-own Wings in Virginia, UPS has also been hard at work gettings its own drone delivery service up and running. Now, we’re starting to see that hard work pay off.

A UPS drone successfully delivered medication from CVS to a residential area

Using a drone system developed by Matternet, the UPS drone flight was completely autonomous and was able to successful delivery medicine from a drop-down wire to both a home and local retirement community. There was a drone operator monitoring the entire flight, in the off chance something happened that would require human intervention.

While we can all laugh about getting beer delivered to our home, something like medicine really shows the types of true improvements drones can bring to daily life. While the USPS and licensed medical care providers can deliver medicine via traditional methods, this could help with the speed of delivery, as well as patients who may have a difficult time with mobility.

Kevin Hourican, president of CVS Pharmacy, notes in the press release that “This drone delivery, the first of its kind in the industry, demonstrates what’s possible for our customers who can’t easily make it into our stores.”

Honestly, I’m all for this. Drone delivery may clog up the skies a bit more (lame), but if it can help improve our quality of life, bring it on.

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